ON Monday via Twitter, China’s BSN announced that Cosmos will be the first public Open Permissioned Blockchain to onboard its blockchain based service network.

Source: Twitter.

The blockchain service network hereafter referred to as BSN, is China’s effort to create the world’s first global public infrastructure to instigate and run blockchain applications across cloud services, portals and its underlying frameworks.

The BSN aims to reduce high costs associated with current blockchain development and deployment, and provides developers with a public blockchain resource so as to build upon.

It is composed of 120 public domestic nodes and 8 internationally. Any individuals with a…

Source: Financial Times.

AS the global pandemic ensues the World Bank and G20’s Debt Service Suspension Initiative has received an extension to June 2021. The DSSI, initially approved in April 2020, offers a provisional postponement of ‘public sector’ — government-to-government — debt repayments. In other words, the DSSI will freeze bilateral repayments. The DSSI also appealed to private creditors to participate on commensurate terms.

Prior to 2020 debt vulnerabilities for emerging and developing countries were increasing. The percentage of countries at a significant risk of debt distress or within debt distress climbed to over 50% in 2019. It is provident then that the…

THE World Bank has announced global debt will continue to climb in 2021 to reach unprecedented levels. Gross global government debt is predicted to reach 99% of GDP in 2021.

If vaccine development, investment is pushed through and rollout made a top priority — the Global Economy is then expected to rise by 4% in 2021. Following on from 2020, in which the economy contracted by 4.3% this is indeed a measure of success. …

Credit: Joe Cummings

ON October 16, 2007, Chinese stocks hit a multi-day high of 6,124. That peak hasn’t come close to being met since China reached 5,353 in 2015, before subsequently crashing amid a sell-off in shares.

That is, until now. The Shanghai and Shenzhen CSI 300 index closed on Tuesday at 5,368 points, a 1.9% increase. Levels maintained on Wednesday reaching a high of and opened today at 5,386.5.

As the first hit nation by Covid, China becomes the first to show signs of recovery. An impressive one at that. By China’s regular set of standards however the country is not faring…

IN 24 hours of volatile trading Bitcoin’s record value has proved stunningly short lived. The cryptocurrency copped a 21% bearish trade taking its unforseen high of $34,800 down to $28,204.5 by 10:17GMT.

The tumbling was Bitcoin’s largest since November 2020, where amid a sell off of Ethereum and XRP, the crypto giant experienced a 5.9% downturn to $16,242.70.

Investors however are not likely to be put off by the ever volatile trade as the cryptocurrencies 2020 rally had proved exponential. Bitcoin began 2020 at $7,200.17 (January 1, 2020) and closed at $29,001.72 (Dec 31, 2020).

While trade is speculative, institutional…

ON the twelfth anniversary of Bitcoin’s inception the cryptocurrency giant has recorded its highest value of $34,800.

Backed by institutional investments the cyrtocurrency has experienced steady rises throughout 2020.

The news came buoyed on the back of redoubled investments, amongst a pool of new and old Bitcoin supporters. Supporters, who are united in their belief that the cyrptocurrency will soon realise its potential as a mainstream payment method.

Source: Refinitiv

One may easily recall Bitcoin’s previous surges, when in 2017 stocks increased from $1,000 to a high of more than $18,000, before falling to $4,000.

This most recent bullish rally however, appears…


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